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Pickled Vegetables

In the last few weeks I’ve got into making my own pickled vegetables. Cultured/fermented vegetables are unbelievably easy to make and said to be VERY good for you – the process of pickling apparently makes trillions of beneficial bacteria for your gut. Many people swear by cultured vegetables as one of the absolute roots of good health and point to the numerous ways in which humans have incorporated fermented foods into their diets over the centuries. Now, bear in mind that I’m a recent convert to this, so no expert. However, the process is so easy that I am going … Read More

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Liz’s Very Quick Chocolate Truffle Recipe

If you’re anything like me, you often want chocolate…and you want it NOW! What you don’t want is lots of faff and time making it. Long and involved chocolate making can be lovely and creative some of the time, but when that chocolate urge is shouting loudly, SPEED is the name of the game. Here is where this delicious and ultra-quick chocolate truffle mix comes in. It can be made with either cocoa powder or raw cacao powder, and the only other ingredients you need are coconut oil, which is of course very good for you, and a syrup as … Read More

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Olivia Newton-John, On Being Cancer-Free and Eating a Healthy Diet

A post about Olivia Newton-John may not be the most obvious subject for a blog about healthy sweet treats. However, this week ONJ was on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, talking not only about her career, but also about what she eats.

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