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22 mouth-watering  
and simple raw chocolate recipes for you to make at home (instant download)

just £9.99!

Chocolate Recipe Book healthier chocolate and sweet treats at the heart of everything we do!

NO  Dairy . Sugar . Wheat . Gluten . Soy      Only the best natural ingredients


 latest feedback about the chocolate e-book (posted Sept 2011)

‘Oh my!  I wanted to give you some feedback.  I've made the pecan truffles and the butterscotch bars which were wonderfully easy to make and a lovely treat but the recipe which has had me placing my second order for ingredients is the one for crunchy brazil nut rolls. So simple but so genius!!’  Deborah Saunders

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Raw Chocolate Brazil Nut Rolls what’s new?

Made in France; slow air-dried at low temperatures; 100% pure

These tasty berries are bursting with flavour and colour! Use to decorate desserts; add to chocolate bars for the taste and crunchy/chewy texture; add to muesli or fruit salad for some sustainable out-of-season summer flavour; grind in a nut mill to make a powder.

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Air Dried Strawberries

beetroot powder (posted May 2012)

Beetroot powder is virtually tasteless, so its wonderfully intense pink hue makes a perfect natural colourant that won’t affect the taste of your recipes. You don’t need very much of it so it also lasts a long time. Some ideas: add it to white chocolate or coconut recipes where the colour will work with the taste, eg rose, or funnily enough lemongrass (yes I know, but it works!). Or make your strawberry ice cream or desserts even pinker and more delicious looking!

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cold milled vanilla powder (posted May 2012)

A luxurious alternative to vanilla extract.

As well as its amazing natural vanilla taste it can also impart a beautiful biscuity flavour to recipes. A little goes a long way so it should last quite a long time....unless you become completely addicted to it!

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Beetroot Powder Vanilla Powder, Cold Milled

latest blog post: how to make raw almond milk (posted May 2012)

‘Funnily enough, I don’t often drink nut milks (or any milks), but having just given a private workshop to a delightful couple who wanted to get some healthy eating inspiration, I have been reminded just how delicious fresh homemade almond milk is. It is NOTHING like the stuff you buy in the shops.

You can drink almond milk straight, sweeten it, use in in cereals, add fruit to it, use it to make raw soups creamier etc’

Click here for the raw almond milk recipe

latest blog post: flavouring raw chocolate with essential oils (posted July 2012)

Essential oils add fabulous flavour to your chocolate making, as well as being really easy to use. This is a guide on how to use them in your raw chocolate recipes.

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latest blog post: butterscotch ‘not chocolate’ recipe (posted December 2012)

A recipe using lucuma, coconut sugar and coconut oil to give a texture that is both smooth and crunchy, and a taste that gives the satisfaction of chocolate without actually eating it!

Click here for the butterscotch ‘not chocolate’ recipe

latest blog post: christmas chocolate brownies (posted December 2012)

Christmas food can be rather rich and heavy, so I like the fact that these chocolate brownies contain some of the classic christmas tastes - chocolate, orange, spices - but have a refreshing lightness to them as well.

Click here for the chocolate brownie recipe

whole dried strawberries & raspberries (posted May 2012)

latest blog post: slow chocolate - chocolate tasting workshop (posted Feb 2013)

The other week I spent the whole day at a workshop in central London that was all about how to taste chocolate. A whole day dedicated to tasting chocolate? Sounds like bliss!

It certainly was, though we reeled in shock when we were told at the beginning of the day that we wouldn’t actually be tasting any chocolate until after lunch. Was this some sort of cruel joke?

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pacari 100% raw chocolate bar now in stock (Mar 2013)

Pacari is one of the very few ‘bean to bar’ makers to offer a range of raw chocolate bars.

Based in Ecuador, their chocolate is truly amazing, with a depth of taste that is rare in the world of raw chocolate.

Pacari have won several awards, and when you taste their chocolate you can see why.

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ombars now in stock! (posted Mar 2013)

Ombars is one of my favourite raw chocolate ranges so I’m delighted to be finally stocking them. They use guaranteed raw Ecuadorian chocolate from Pacari, and sweeten the bars with coconut sugar. In stock: Dark 72% BioLive, Strawberry BioLive and Acai & Blueberry.

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how healthy is origin chocolate? (Mar 2013)

Fine chocolate is a hugely growing field, and deservedly so – the quality of the chocolate is excellent, and it also lends itself to small-scale ethical, sustainable production, which the chocolate industry badly needs. But how healthy is it?

Click here to read more about the health benefits of raw origin chocolate

raw chocolate making kits back in stock!  (posted Nov 2013)

Great introduction to chocolate making for kits and adults alike

Containing ingredients, foil cups and detailed instructions to make your own chocolate bars or bonbons.

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Raw Chocolate Making Kit

ombars reduced - now only £1.50 each (posted Nov 2013)

Dark 72%, Strawberry Probiotic and Acia & Blueberry now only £1.50 each (full price = £2.10)

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local st leonard’s deli now stocks our truffles  (posted Feb 2014)

I’m delighted to say that Young’s Deli & Provision’s Store, on Grand Parade, St Leonard’s sea front, now stocks my handmade truffles.

Up until now the truffles have only been available via this site. What’s more, from Young’s, you can buy as few or many as you like, so whether you want one truffle to munch on as you go about your shopping, or a box of ten as a gift, it’s up to you!

Anywhere I go, I find it difficult to locate sweet items that are free from all the ‘big three’- sugar, dairy and wheat. So it’s great to now be able to offer this myself via my local deli. Young’s has lots more of interest besides, it’s a treasure trove of good food and also has a cafe area, so I recommend a visit!