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Why I’m No Longer A Raw Foodist

For several years, from 2002 onwards, I was on a pretty strict raw food diet. I would say that I ate about 80% raw food which, whilst it isn’t approaching the 99% attained by some extremely disciplined folks, is pretty raw. My body loved it – my skin was clear and glowing, I felt wonderfully detoxed, clear and flexible on an almost constant basis. Whilst,unlike so many raw foodists, I didn’t experience a rise in energy levels (other things helped this), it felt like my body LOVED raw food.

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Olivia Newton-John, On Being Cancer-Free and Eating a Healthy Diet

A post about Olivia Newton-John may not be the most obvious subject for a blog about healthy sweet treats. However, this week ONJ was on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, talking not only about her career, but also about what she eats.

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