Olivia Newton-John, On Being Cancer-Free and Eating a Healthy Diet

A post about Olivia Newton-John may not be the most obvious subject for a blog about healthy sweet treats. However, this week ONJ was on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, talking not only about her career, but also about what she eats.

 At the age of 43 Olivia Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, nineteen years on, and now 62, she is very healthy, and very much cancer-free (she prefers this phrase to ‘in remission’ as it has more positive connotations). Whilst understandably reluctant to say how much she believes her recovery and health is down to how she eats, it was very interesting to hear about her diet, as it certainly appears to have been a very healthy one for the past nineteen years (she doesn’t say what it was like before her diagnosis, apart from mentioning that she always had a natural bent towards portion control).

For the first six months after she was told she had breast cancer, Olivia Newton-John followed a strict macrobiotic diet. Although very positive about the benefits of this diet, she did find that she started to become too thin and a bit weak, so at this point she made some changes.

Nowadays, she eats ‘just about everything’ but in moderation. She does consume a large amount of uncooked food though: although she eats mostly cooked food when travelling, if she’s not sure about the safety of the raw food in that country; at home, with her partner, she eats lots of what she calls ‘herbiage’, lots of salad and vegetables, lots of protein, and drinks lots of vegetable juice. She is also very fond of camu-camu, a South American plant superfood.

So basically she eats a largely healthy diet, but doesn’t deny herself a little bit of what she fancies such as the occasional glass of wine, as she believes it’s important to be happy as well as healthy. I like this approach – I guess if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have made a career choice out of chocolate! It’s sensible, and down-to-earth, but also about trying to give your body the best possible building blocks for health.

Olivia Newton-John is in the process of setting up a ‘cancer and wellness centre’ in Melbourne, Australia, and has also published a cookbook called ‘Livwise’.

You can listen to her interview on Woman’s Hour here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01g62p7/Womans_Hour_Olivia_NewtonJohn/ (the interview starts about a quarter of the way through).

If you are interested in natural approaches to cancer, you may also be interested in this UK site, set up by a woman who a few years ago cured herself naturally of advanced cervical cancer: www.cancerucan.co.uk

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