Dairy Free, Sugar Free Blackberry, Apple and Walnut Ice Cream

This is a great recipe for the blackberry season – the apple and walnut give it a distinctive end of summer taste.



50g walnuts, soaked for 2 – 4 hours
110ml (1/3 cup + 2 Tbs) water
85g blackberries
30g chopped apple
3-4ml vanilla extract
sweetener to taste – I used 3 Tbs (40g) xylitol but agave, sweet freedom, coconut nectar, honey or maple syrup should all work if you add them in whatever amount suits your tastebuds



Blend the walnuts with the water then pass the resulting milk through a nutmilk bag or piece of muslin.

Clean out the blender and pour the milk back in.

Blend in the blackberries..

Add the apple, sweetener and vanilla and blend again.

Ice cream maker version: process according to instructions then either serve or store in the freezer until required (will keep for a few days).

Freezer version: pour into a shallow dish and place in the freezer for a couple of hours. Take out and stir thoroughly with a fork to break up the ice crystals. Place in the freezer for another couple of hours and stir again. Let it set to ice cream texture in the freezer and either serve or keep in the freezer for a few days.



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