Chocolate Bar Recipe

2703This particular recipe is fantastic for beginner’s as it’s very easy to make and only has three ingredients. It’s also a good one to make with children – I make it often with my niece and nephew and they never seem to tire of it.

If you’re a more experienced chocolate maker, try replacing some of the chocolate powder with other powders such as lucuma, carob or mesquite. And of course, have some fun with flavourings and additions like nuts, seeds and dried fruit, dried raspberries or strawberries or raspberry/strawberry powder.

40g cacao butter (or use coconut oil, or a combo of the two)
30g syrup such as agave syrup, sweet freedom, coconut nectar or maple syrup
20g cocoa powder or raw chocolate powder (make sure if you use cocoa powder that it’s unsweetened)

(Tip: the ingredient amounts are simple to remember as they’re in the ratio 4:3:2!)

2 heatproof bowls
moulds (you can buy special chocolate bar moulds from the Sweet Sensations shop or simply use the bottom of a plastic storage container)


1. Melt the cacao butter by putting it in a bowl, and placing this over another similar bowl containing hot water. Cover with a plate and leave, checking every so often whether you need to change the water as it cools.

2. Once the cacao butter has melted, keep the bowl over the warm water and stir in the chocolate powder.

3. Add the sweetener and mix it in very well (stir for about 30 seconds, as this will stop the syrup pooling as it sets). Check it’s sweet enough for you – children in particular may want more syrup.

4. Pour into a mould and place in the fridge or freezer to set – it will need about 30 minutes in the fridge, or 15 minutes in the freezer. Turn out on to a plate and eat!

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