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How Healthy Is Origin Chocolate?

Recently I blogged about the excellent Slow Chocolate workshop that I attended in January 2013. This workshop, run by Seventy Percent in London, shows you how to properly taste fine chocolate so that you can distinguish the good from the not-so-good. According to Martin Christy, founder of Seventy Percent: ‘fine chocolate is a new world of tasting and appreciation similar in complexity and nuance to the world of fine wine’. You don’t need to spend long on the Sweet Sensations site to realise that healthy eating is pretty important to me. However, I didn’t have the space in the last … Read More

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Slow Chocolate – Chocolate Tasting Workshop

The other week I spent the whole day at a workshop in central London that was all about how to taste chocolate. A whole day dedicated to tasting chocolate? Sounds like bliss! It certainly was, though we reeled in shock when we were told at the beginning of the day that we wouldn’t actually be tasting any chocolate until after lunch. Was this some sort of cruel joke? Instead, we spent the morning learning lots about chocolate (I was astonished to hear for instance that we know so little about cocoa that we still don’t know which insect or insects … Read More

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