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Why I’m No Longer A Raw Foodist

For several years, from 2002 onwards, I was on a pretty strict raw food diet. I would say that I ate about 80% raw food which, whilst it isn’t approaching the 99% attained by some extremely disciplined folks, is pretty raw. My body loved it – my skin was clear and glowing, I felt wonderfully detoxed, clear and flexible on an almost constant basis. Whilst,unlike so many raw foodists, I didn’t experience a rise in energy levels (other things helped this), it felt like my body LOVED raw food.

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Chocolate Bar Recipe

This particular recipe is fantastic for beginner’s as it’s very easy to make and only has three ingredients. It’s also a good one to make with children – I make it often with my niece and nephew and they never seem to tire of it. If you’re a more experienced chocolate maker, try replacing some of the chocolate powder with other powders such as lucuma, carob or mesquite. And of course, have some fun with flavourings and additions like nuts, seeds and dried fruit, dried raspberries or strawberries or raspberry/strawberry powder.

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Coconut Oil versus Coconut Butter: What’s The Difference?

  Many people are confused about the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter, so here’s a few facts so that you know what sets them apart from each other. Coconut oil, which is solid when cold, and liquid when warm, is the fat extracted from the coconut. It is the safest oil for frying, aside from rice bran oil, as it’s so stable. Coconut butter is the pulverised whole coconut meat, made from both the fat and the fibre. It is not extracted like coconut oil, just pureed. Coconut butter has a harder texture than coconut oil, although when you … Read More

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How To Make Raw Almond Milk

Funnily enough, I don’t often drink nut milks (or any milks), but having just given a private workshop to a delightful couple who wanted to get some healthy eating inspiration, I have been reminded about just how delicious fresh homemade almond milk is. It is NOTHING like the stuff you buy in the shops. You can drink almond milk straight, sweeten it, use in in cereals, add fruit to it, use it to make raw soups creamier etc etc.

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Pickled Vegetables

In the last few weeks I’ve got into making my own pickled vegetables. Cultured/fermented vegetables are unbelievably easy to make and said to be VERY good for you – the process of pickling apparently makes trillions of beneficial bacteria for your gut. Many people swear by cultured vegetables as one of the absolute roots of good health and point to the numerous ways in which humans have incorporated fermented foods into their diets over the centuries. Now, bear in mind that I’m a recent convert to this, so no expert. However, the process is so easy that I am going … Read More

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Olivia Newton-John, On Being Cancer-Free and Eating a Healthy Diet

A post about Olivia Newton-John may not be the most obvious subject for a blog about healthy sweet treats. However, this week ONJ was on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, talking not only about her career, but also about what she eats.

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