Why I’m No Longer A Raw Foodist

Raw VegetablesFor several years, from 2002 onwards, I was on a pretty strict raw food diet. I would say that I ate about 80% raw food which, whilst it isn’t approaching the 99% attained by some extremely disciplined folks, is pretty raw.

My body loved it – my skin was clear and glowing, I felt wonderfully detoxed, clear and flexible on an almost constant basis. Whilst,unlike so many raw foodists, I didn’t experience a rise in energy levels (other things helped this), it felt like my body LOVED raw food. Continue reading

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Chocolate Bar Recipe

2703This particular recipe is fantastic for beginner’s as it’s very easy to make and only has three ingredients. It’s also a good one to make with children – I make it often with my niece and nephew and they never seem to tire of it.

If you’re a more experienced chocolate maker, try replacing some of the chocolate powder with other powders such as lucuma, carob or mesquite. And of course, have some fun with flavourings and additions like nuts, seeds and dried fruit, dried raspberries or strawberries or raspberry/strawberry powder. Continue reading

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Cinnamon Oat Biscuit Recipe – Sugar, Dairy and Wheat-Free


Oat BiscuitsMy mother gave me the wheat, sugar and dairy version of this recipe (I don’t know where she got it so can’t credit the original author). I adapted it to make this ‘free-from’ version, and everyone (including people who eat sugar, dairy and wheat!) seems to love it.

This is my first adaptation ever of a cooked food recipe, so I’m rather pleased it turned out so well! (See my upcoming post ‘Why I’m No Longer A Raw Foodist’ if you want to know why I’m suddenly posting cooked recipes on this site.)

I love it too, though my body doesn’t love too many oats (if I say ‘excess wind’ this will be more than sufficient explanation for you I’m sure!).

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How Healthy Is Origin Chocolate?

Recently I blogged about the excellent Slow Chocolate workshop that I attended in January 2013.

This workshop, run by Seventy Percent in London, shows you how to properly taste fine chocolate so that you can distinguish the good from the not-so-good. According to Martin Christy, founder of Seventy Percent: ‘fine chocolate is a new world of tasting and appreciation similar in complexity and nuance to the world of fine wine’.

You don’t need to spend long on the Sweet Sensations site to realise that healthy eating is pretty important to me. However, I didn’t have the space in the last blog post about the workshop to cover some of the health aspects of fine chocolate, so I’m going to do so here.

Fine chocolate is a hugely growing field, and deservedly so – the quality of the chocolate is excellent, and it also lends itself to small-scale ethical, sustainable production, which the chocolate industry badly needs. But how healthy is it? Continue reading

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Slow Chocolate – Chocolate Tasting Workshop

Chocolate Tasting BThe other week I spent the whole day at a workshop in central London that was all about how to taste chocolate. A whole day dedicated to tasting chocolate? Sounds like bliss!

It certainly was, though we reeled in shock when we were told at the beginning of the day that we wouldn’t actually be tasting any chocolate until after lunch. Was this some sort of cruel joke?

Instead, we spent the morning learning lots about chocolate (I was astonished to hear for instance that we know so little about cocoa that we still don’t know which insect or insects pollinate it in the wild). Continue reading

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Christmas Raw Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Christmas food can be rather rich and heavy, so I like the fact that these chocolate brownies contain some of the classic christmas tastes – chocolate, orange, spices – but have a refreshing lightness to them as well. The chili/cayenne also gives a bit of a hit, which is kind of nice!

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Butterscotch ‘Not-Chocolate’ Recipe

This is a great recipe to try if you don’t eat chocolate or want to have a break from it.

Lucuma is a fabulous ingredient in chocolate making; coconut oil is a medium chain saturated fat that is said to be more likely to increase your metabolism than be laid down as fat or cholesterol; whilst coconut palm sugar is a delicious caramel-tasting, low GI sweetener. You could use yacon syrup or any other liquid sweetener instead – they’re equally delicious, it’s just that I really like the crunchy bite that coconut sugar gives. Continue reading

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Dairy Free, Sugar Free Blackberry, Apple and Walnut Ice Cream

This is a great recipe for the blackberry season – the apple and walnut give it a distinctive end of summer taste.


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Flavouring Raw Chocolate with Essential Oils

Essential oils add fabulous flavour to your chocolate making, as well as being really easy to use. This is a guide on how to use them in your raw chocolate recipes.


How to use them
Use good quality oils from reputable suppliers (see below).

Essential oils are the last ingredient I add to a recipe – this way I can add exactly the amount required to get the right taste. Some recipes only need a couple of drops, whilst others might need as many as fifteen, so it’s best to start by mixing in one or two drops, having a taste, adding a couple more drops if necessary, and so on. Remember: you can always add, but you can’t subtract!

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Raw Chocolate and Cardamom


Raw chocolate is loved by many, but is also well known for its rather over-stimulating properties. I’ve lost count of the number of sleepless nights I’ve had, wishing I’d been able to resist that last raw chocolate treat….

In an ideal world it’s probably best to keep raw chocolate as a ‘sometimes’ treat, eaten in small amounts earlier rather than later in the day. But if you don’t always manage this, what’s the answer?

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